The Perfect Stranger Book Review

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I want everyone to sit back and read my review on The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda. Before we get started I do want you to know this review may cont *SPOILERS* so please leave now if you don’t want this review to ruin anything for you.

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The narrator in this book is Leah Stevens. In the beginning you find out that Leah moved to western PA with her friend Emmy she roomed with for a short period of time after college. Leah use to be a journalist in Boston until something happened that forced her to quit her job at the paper and leave town. You also find out from Leah that having to leave town came around the same time she reconnected with Emmy who also needed a fresh start.

For the majority of the book you never get to meet Emmy because she is missing and Leah believes something terrible has happened to her. Everything we first learn about Emmy is through Leah’s recollection of her. You get the impression that Emmy is just this free spirited, goes where the wind takes her type of person. Once Kyle starts looking into Emmy and her disappearance you finally realize that Leah doesn’t know anything about Emmy at all. I began to contemplate if Emmy is an actual person at all or if she is just a figment of Leah’s imagination, but that was quickly gone because of the people who actually saw Emmy before her disappearance.

Also going on is whoever is stalking Leah. The author tried to have you believe that is was the coach who was arrested for the suspicion of killing a woman down by the lake near Leah’s house. The woman is a spitting image of Leah and the police believe that he killed her because of his obsession with Leah and her rejection of him. I will admit that I didn’t really fall for that. It just seemed to easy for it to be the coach and so many things just didn’t add up. I never suspected the coach was stalking Leah especially when the author introduced Leah’s strange student Theo.

Megan Miranda did such a wonderful job on keeping her readers guessing as to who Emmy really is and how Leah could possibly no next to nothing of the girl she considered her friend and roommate. I cared very little for everything else that was going on and was so caught up in finding out what happened to Emmy. I felt for a while that Leah wasn’t as great as she claimed to be as an observant and investigative person seeing as how she doesn’t eve know the person who was living under her roof. The fact that Emmy had no phone, no pictures and didn’t like taking any, and couldn’t use her own name to rent the house should have all been red flags for Leah.

As she began uncovering more and more about Emmy you realize what a web of lies and deceit there was. And the big kicker was that the murdered girl was Emmy’s real friend from childhood, who she was taking Leah’s personal information for years so she can give it to her friend and using as her own! O.M.G!!! I do love that Leah was committed to finding the truth about Emmy and the confrontation at the end of the book! Wow just W O W! I don’t think that Megan Miranda could have come up with a better ending then what she did and it made me proud of Leah that she was able to find out who the real Emmy is and find her!

I would definitely give this book 5 stars out of 5 and recommend it to anyone who loves a good suspense/mystery book!

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