#Blogtober Day 7 Week Wrap-Up

Hello my fellow Bookworms! Today is Day 7 of #blogtober. So far for me it's going pretty well. I've been getting some great feedback and some new followers which is always a plus. I'm so glad I get to share my love for books with you all, and I enjoy reading your blogs as well. [...]


Time for Another Sunday Update!

Hello my fellow Bookworms! It is time for another update for you all! I must say this week flew by me. I feel like I accomplished very little this week, so this post will be very short. I can say that on a whim I did meet another bookworm which was awesome. We had a [...]

Sunday Update!

Hello my fellow Bookworms! I feel like life has been so hectic lately and the result is I have fallen so behind in my September Reads. It really upsets me that I haven't been able to get everything I wanted to accomplish done. But I will try to finish the book I am currently reading [...]

Monday Night…. Updates!

Hello my fellow bookworms! Last week was a bit busy being the first full week of school. The amount of paperwork they send home for you to sign is CRAZY! The everyday life as a mom of cleaning up, making sure your child bathes, and helping out with homework. Not to mention you have to [...]

Back to School… Mom’s Reading List for September!

Hello my fellow readers, It has been too long since I posted anything and even longer since I updated my reading lists. I have a nice long list of books that I have reviews coming soon for but my first blog back I decided needed to be my BACK TO SCHOOL READING LIST. Been in such [...]