#Blogtober Horror Films🎃

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

On today’s agenda we have Horror Films!

Now I love horror films! My mom was really big on watching scary movies when I was younger. A lot of times she was too scared to watch them alone so I watch her movie buddy.

Now that I’m an adult I don’t watch as much anymore because I really how traumatizing it is to the young and I don’t want to do that to my child at such a young age, but…. once he becomes a teenager it’s on! Also, let’s be honest the new horror films are not horror all, its more gore then anything else. But let’s get to my pick of movies…

Interview With The Vampire

I absolutely love this movie, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I love the book. This movie has real vampires. Not the new age ones that can walk in the sun, and sparkle. These are true I need to kill and drink your blood and torment you vampires.

Bran Stoker’s Dracula

Okay I can admit the movie is not as great as the book but I do have a thing for vampires so it’s only right that I throw in the Vampire that I think really started the trend!


Michael Myers scares the crap out of me! Even as a 31 year old adult I’m still terrified of him. No other slasher scares me like he does, not Jason, not Leatherface, not Freddy Kruger, none of them. I don’t know why he scares me so much but he does yet I can’t help but watch his movies over and over again.

The Lost Boys

Did I tell you guys how much I love vampires. And these vampires are definitely scary. And the theme song for this movie creeps me the hell out.

What are you Horror film picks? Let me know!

Until next time….


Just kidding 👻


#Blogtober Favorite Ghost Stories!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

Today I will be letting you know my favorite ghost stories. 😱👻

I love the paranormal. I watch Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Survivor, and any other cheesy ghost show out there. that’s not including the numerous ghost movies I’ve watched, for the child’s Casper the Friendly Ghost to Paranormal Activity.

Ghost have been around since the dawn of time. Are they real? Are they just someone’s grieving imagination? I’m not sure and it is that uncertainty that makes me love them so much. Who doesn’t love a really good ghost story?!?

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite ghost stories….

Of course one of them is going to be the classic Legend if Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. I have loved this story since I was a child. Plus the ending left you wanting so much more! What happened to Ichabod? Did the Headless Horseman kill him? Did he flee? Just like the theory of ghost, no one will ever know 👻👻👻

Next up is Remember Me by Christopher Pike. Okay so the creepy title and cover drew me into this from the moment I saw it and could not put it down. When I first saw this massive book, I didn’t realize it was a series rebounded into one huge book. Honestly I was so glad it was! I love the whole finding out who killed her, and finding love in the afterlife. There is so much craziness going on in this series that I can’t give much without giving away a lot of the story. But to me it is a must read!

This is another series that was rebound into one big book. I swear this man can really write some good YA ghost stories. I love this one as well. So well written and another story of trying to figure out if their friend really killed herself or if someone at the party killed them!

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Ghost On 👻👻👻👻

#Blogtober Favorite Autumn Book Covers!

Hello my Fellow Bookworms!

It is day 15 of Blogtober and I can’t believe I am still going strong 💪! Today is my favorite autumn-ish book cover! Now I have to admit that 95% of the time it’s a book cover that draws me to pick it up! The other 5% we are not going to worry about 😉! But I’m all honesty I am definitely one of the terrible people who judge books by their cover. I know that is horrible but I’m only human and I am trying to break myself out of that nasty habit. I have read some books that were fantastic but the covers not so much.

Im rambling now but anyway here are some books, that I own, that I just love the covers of, and they feel totally autumn-ish to me!

Fates by Alyson Noel

Now the other book in this series is also gorgeous but has a winter theme cover. This one feels like fall and is beautiful. The birds remind me of leaves falling and blowing in the wind!

The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

Is creepy and reminds me of those fall/Halloween horror flix.

Shadow Falls Series by C.C. Hunter

This entire series of covers just feel really autumn-ish to me and it doesn’t help that the first time I read the series was during the fall.

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On! ❤️

#Blogtober Bookish Pumpkin Carvings

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

I can’t believe we only have two weeks left in October. This went way to fast. Today I am in a little bit of a funk. I think I may be coming down with a cold but I didn’t want to miss out on #blogtober! I saw some really cool pictures of bookish pumpkin carvings and  thought I would share them with you all. I did not carve any of these pumpkins, they are all pictures I found on google while surfing the web.

Hope you enjoy!

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Pumpkin On! 

#Blogtober Halloween Treats 🎃

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

I love Halloween! I love all the scary decorations, pumpkin picking, haunted hayrides, the costumes, and most importantly the treats! Last year I threw my son a Halloween sleep over and made homemade treats. So I just wanted to share with you all our treats.

Chocolate Covered Mummy Pretzels

Chocolate Pumpkin Lollipops

Jell-O Zombie Brains

Halloween Gummies

Frankenstein Rice Crispy Treats

These were so much fun to make! This year I’m planning another sleepover and will be adding some more homemade treats to the list! Let me know what your Halloween treats are.

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On! 🎃

#Blogtober Autumn the Best Time of Year for Readers!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

I don’t know about you guys, but to me autumn is the BEST time of year for book readers. For one thing I love cuddling up with a light sweater or throw blanket and a great book. You just can’t do that during the summer. It’s too hot. You can do that in the winter but sometimes it’s so cold it’s hard to focus on what your reading.

I feel like during the fall the best books are released! There are so many good book releases during the fall. Plus you have Halloween!!!! If that doesn’t get you in the mood to read your fantasy, mystery, and sci-to books I don’t know what will.

The drinks!!! If you read my previous post you know that I love reading with a nice cup of tea, chai, or apple cider. You can only get the freshest apple cider during the fall months, and a nice hot cup of cider goes so well with a good book.

I love reading anytime of the year but for me autumn has all of my favorite things wrapped up together which makes it the best time of year for reading.

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On! ❤️

#Blogtober How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

Today’s topic is Tips on How to Get Out of a Reading Slump!

giphy (14)

Now we have all been there. I was in one just a few months ago. For the life of me I couldn’t get out of it. Every time I tried to pick up the book I was attempting to read my mind would wonder and I just wouldn’t be able to focus. My #Owlcrate and #Bookofthemonth would come in and I still couldn’t just get myself to get excited about reading. There were a few things I did that got me excited about reading again, and ultimately brought me out of my slump.

Re-arrange your books!

So one thing I did was go through all the books I had. Which is A LOT! I realized I had a bunch of books that I had not read yet, but were hidden under others. It got me to read the synopsis and my interest began to peak again. I was buying books so much I forgot what I had!

Check out book reviews

One thing that got me super excited was reading others reviews. Reading random book reviews and seeing what was out there made me want to pick up a new book. The #bookblog community is such a wonderful thing, and can really get you pumped to read something new. I found many books that I would not have looked at had it not been for the reviews you all put out there.

Try a different genre

Last thing I realized was that I just wasn’t feeling the genre I was reading. I was reading too much sci-fi/ fantasy YA books and just needed a change. Sometime you need a break in your favorite genre, and that is okay. There is nothing wrong with trying something else, in fact it’s something I would recommend.

Hopefully these few tips could help you get out of that terrible slump.

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On! ♥

#Blogtober Local Bookshop Visit!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

Happy Columbus Day! Today my son had the day off from school so I decided to finally take a trip down to the local bookstore here in our town. It was worth the visit. The shop is called #TheLittleBohoBookshop and it boasts on Indie books. To me the bookshop it very much catered to children which I think is perfect. My son fell in love the moment we stepped into it. It’s small but designed very cute. Up front they have new release YA books, but the shelves surrounding are all children books ranging from baby books to pre-teen stuff. In the very back, in another room, they have more children’s books and books for adults. Near the registered are all the classics.

Of course we had to pick up some goodies. We recently read a book #TheLastKidsOnEarth and the Zombie Parade, which my son loved. As we were perusing the shelves he saw book 3 and 4 in the series and desperately wanted them. He couldn’t decide on which one, and being such a book lover myself, I got him both. He would not stop smiling for the remainder of the day. You know when we got back home he grabbed one of my bookmarks and we read the first 5 chapters in book three. It just warms me to the core seeing him love books the way that I do. The staff are extremely friendly and I know where I will be going to get my son’s books from now on. Best part is that they will order me any book I want right to the store!

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On!

#Blogtober Favorite Autumn Drinks While Reading!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

Today is Day 6 of #Blogtober! I so look forward to #blogging for you all each day, I may keep it up well after October. #Blogtober is helping me get more involved with the book community and I am meeting lots of new people who have a passion for books as I do. I am also discovering tons of new #authors I would have never come across had it not been for me starting this blog. Thank you all for the follows, and for the amazing blogs and books put out! It is wonderful to know that so many people are still advid readers and enjoy it as much as I do.


I love the fall! I love seeing the leaves change colors, wearing my favorite sweaters, going pumpkin picking, and visiting all the halloween attractions. Hiking in the fall foilage is probably the best thing ever, but nothing compares to grabbing a great book, your favorite drink and getting lost. There are three drinks that I love to have during the fall weather while reading my favorite books. The are both alcoholic and non alcoholic (hey sometimes you need a little something something, lol).

My first frink is none other than APPLE CIDER. I love fresh apple cider. Here in New Jersey there are some great farms that make their own apple cider that are to die for. If you live in New Jersey or ever visit you have to go to #DeliciousOrchids and #AlstedeFarms and pick yourself up some of their apple cider. I love both hot and cold cider and when I am feeling adventurous I will add #FireballWhiskey to it. It give it a nice cinnamon taste that enhances the cider and taste like apple pie a bit. On cold days it really warms you up! I’m actually having a cup of it right now, lol.

Next up is Vanilla Chai. I love Vanilla Chai, especially for some reason the #DunkinDonuts version. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, but I am obsessed with it during the fall. We drink this alot when we go visit the haunted attractions during October. We also spike it with none other than… #FireballWhiskey. If you haven’t noticed that is also our choice of drink but I don’t drink it straight just like to spike some of my favorite fall drinks from time to time. Vanilla Chai is just sweet enough to give me that extra sugar rush during late night reading sessions. It also keep me nice and warm because, although these past few years have particularly warm in October, the nights still get a little chilly.

Last but not least it TEA!!!! I love tea in the fall. These past few years I have been drinking alot more tea and trying out different flavors. So far I love every flavor I have tried. It’s funny because I can’t stand tea any other time of the year. Refuse to drink it except for in the fall. I have these great tumblers I bought in walmart that keep everything either hot or cold for a long time. I used it the other day and it kept my tea scolding hot for 4 hours! It also soothes and relaxes me so I can focus on the book I am reading.

These three drinks are probably the best things out there to drink while reading. I always look forward to the fall for these drinks alone. They are soothing and calming and really help to loosen up so you can emerge yourself in your books. You should all try it.

Until next time….

Peace, Love, and Read On! ♥

#Blogtober Favorite Places to Read!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

Today is Day 4 of #blogtober, and the topic of the day is Favorite Places To Read! #Bookblogtober is and event where you post a blog everyday of the month of October. I first came across the idea on Jenniely blog. I thought this world be a great first event for me to try as a book blogger. Although I was anxious at the beginning, I now look forward to posting a new blog for you all to read everyday.

There are a couple of great places that I like to read. One of the first places is in front of a campfire.

 giphy (10).gif

There is something so relaxing about sitting out in the middle of the woods with a nice roaring campfire in front of you, your favorite throw blanket and chair, and a great book in your hand. Now this is no time to have an ebook (although I love both); no you need the physical book to understand and get the whole experience. There are no distractions and the whole environments helps pull you into the story you are reading. It is probably the best place to take a book and read.

giphy (11).gif

We have this old rocking chair in my house that was given to my mother in-law when she was designing the nursery for son. We kept in and put it in our sons nursery, and now it sits in my living room near my bookcase. It is so soothing to just sit in it and rock while reading. The rocking totally relaxes me and I fall completely into the book I am reading. All else falls away around me so that it is only the book and the comfort the rocking chair brings to me. I feel like I belong in those movies where there is always that old woman sitting out on her porch just rocking in her rocker. Best feeling ever.

giphy (12)

Last place I find is great for me to read is my couch! I don’t know what it is about my couch but I can lay across it all day reading. I put all my essentials (mainly snacks) onto the coffee table and let myself get lost in my books. The house can catch fire around me and I probably wouldn’t notice. LOL!

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On! ♥