#Blogtober Local Bookshop Visit!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

Happy Columbus Day! Today my son had the day off from school so I decided to finally take a trip down to the local bookstore here in our town. It was worth the visit. The shop is called #TheLittleBohoBookshop and it boasts on Indie books. To me the bookshop it very much catered to children which I think is perfect. My son fell in love the moment we stepped into it. It’s small but designed very cute. Up front they have new release YA books, but the shelves surrounding are all children books ranging from baby books to pre-teen stuff. In the very back, in another room, they have more children’s books and books for adults. Near the registered are all the classics.

Of course we had to pick up some goodies. We recently read a book #TheLastKidsOnEarth and the Zombie Parade, which my son loved. As we were perusing the shelves he saw book 3 and 4 in the series and desperately wanted them. He couldn’t decide on which one, and being such a book lover myself, I got him both. He would not stop smiling for the remainder of the day. You know when we got back home he grabbed one of my bookmarks and we read the first 5 chapters in book three. It just warms me to the core seeing him love books the way that I do. The staff are extremely friendly and I know where I will be going to get my son’s books from now on. Best part is that they will order me any book I want right to the store!

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On!

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