#Blogtober Favorite Autumn Drinks While Reading!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

Today is Day 6 of #Blogtober! I so look forward to #blogging for you all each day, I may keep it up well after October. #Blogtober is helping me get more involved with the book community and I am meeting lots of new people who have a passion for books as I do. I am also discovering tons of new #authors I would have never come across had it not been for me starting this blog. Thank you all for the follows, and for the amazing blogs and books put out! It is wonderful to know that so many people are still advid readers and enjoy it as much as I do.


I love the fall! I love seeing the leaves change colors, wearing my favorite sweaters, going pumpkin picking, and visiting all the halloween attractions. Hiking in the fall foilage is probably the best thing ever, but nothing compares to grabbing a great book, your favorite drink and getting lost. There are three drinks that I love to have during the fall weather while reading my favorite books. The are both alcoholic and non alcoholic (hey sometimes you need a little something something, lol).

My first frink is none other than APPLE CIDER. I love fresh apple cider. Here in New Jersey there are some great farms that make their own apple cider that are to die for. If you live in New Jersey or ever visit you have to go to #DeliciousOrchids and #AlstedeFarms and pick yourself up some of their apple cider. I love both hot and cold cider and when I am feeling adventurous I will add #FireballWhiskey to it. It give it a nice cinnamon taste that enhances the cider and taste like apple pie a bit. On cold days it really warms you up! I’m actually having a cup of it right now, lol.

Next up is Vanilla Chai. I love Vanilla Chai, especially for some reason the #DunkinDonuts version. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, but I am obsessed with it during the fall. We drink this alot when we go visit the haunted attractions during October. We also spike it with none other than… #FireballWhiskey. If you haven’t noticed that is also our choice of drink but I don’t drink it straight just like to spike some of my favorite fall drinks from time to time. Vanilla Chai is just sweet enough to give me that extra sugar rush during late night reading sessions. It also keep me nice and warm because, although these past few years have particularly warm in October, the nights still get a little chilly.

Last but not least it TEA!!!! I love tea in the fall. These past few years I have been drinking alot more tea and trying out different flavors. So far I love every flavor I have tried. It’s funny because I can’t stand tea any other time of the year. Refuse to drink it except for in the fall. I have these great tumblers I bought in walmart that keep everything either hot or cold for a long time. I used it the other day and it kept my tea scolding hot for 4 hours! It also soothes and relaxes me so I can focus on the book I am reading.

These three drinks are probably the best things out there to drink while reading. I always look forward to the fall for these drinks alone. They are soothing and calming and really help to loosen up so you can emerge yourself in your books. You should all try it.

Until next time….

Peace, Love, and Read On! ♥


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