#Blogtober Favorite Places to Read!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

Today is Day 4 of #blogtober, and the topic of the day is Favorite Places To Read! #Bookblogtober is and event where you post a blog everyday of the month of October. I first came across the idea on Jenniely blog. I thought this world be a great first event for me to try as a book blogger. Although I was anxious at the beginning, I now look forward to posting a new blog for you all to read everyday.

There are a couple of great places that I like to read. One of the first places is in front of a campfire.

 giphy (10).gif

There is something so relaxing about sitting out in the middle of the woods with a nice roaring campfire in front of you, your favorite throw blanket and chair, and a great book in your hand. Now this is no time to have an ebook (although I love both); no you need the physical book to understand and get the whole experience. There are no distractions and the whole environments helps pull you into the story you are reading. It is probably the best place to take a book and read.

giphy (11).gif

We have this old rocking chair in my house that was given to my mother in-law when she was designing the nursery for son. We kept in and put it in our sons nursery, and now it sits in my living room near my bookcase. It is so soothing to just sit in it and rock while reading. The rocking totally relaxes me and I fall completely into the book I am reading. All else falls away around me so that it is only the book and the comfort the rocking chair brings to me. I feel like I belong in those movies where there is always that old woman sitting out on her porch just rocking in her rocker. Best feeling ever.

giphy (12)

Last place I find is great for me to read is my couch! I don’t know what it is about my couch but I can lay across it all day reading. I put all my essentials (mainly snacks) onto the coffee table and let myself get lost in my books. The house can catch fire around me and I probably wouldn’t notice. LOL!

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On! ♥

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