Its Time for CARAVAL!… and Legendary Review!

Hello my fellow Bookworms!

After being stuck in such a “funk” for a while, I am finally back to my old self and am ready to give you all my review on Stephanie Garber’s “Caraval” and “Legendary”. I know the third installment is set to come out until next year (tears*) and my palms are already itching to feel those pages. I absolutely hate having to wait for the final book in any series that I am reading. It drives me N U T S!!! I often find myself coming up with all sorts of endings and what ifs while waiting oh so un-patiently.

As a whole I thoroughly enjoyed these two books. I feel Stephanie did a beautiful job capturing us readers and making us feel as if we are right there with the characters. Everything is described in such amazing detail and you truly feel as though you are apart of Caraval. Each book took us on an adventure that was completely different from one another and I absolutely loved it! Now before I go in depth on each book please keep in mind that if you haven’t read them this review will contain *SPOILERS* so you may want to stop reading N O W!

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Little miss Scarlett has been sending letters to Legend every year for 7 years begging him to come to Trisda so her sister and her can see the perfomance. Scarlett and Tella are the daughters of the Govenor of the island who is a controlling and abusive ass (excuse my french). You learn that their mother left them when they were young and their father began sheltering them and abusing them ever since. Their grandmother use to tell them tales of Caraval and Legends performances. Now I must admit that I did not think for once that the grandmother would turn out to be the woman who broke Legends heart. I actually loved that link that brought Legend and the Sisters together, because why else would Legend help them. Anyway the Tella and Julian end up tricking Scarlett, kidnapping her and taking her to Caraval. Scarlett is to be married to the Count and did not want to risk her father being angry with them and doing something terrible to either her or her sister.

Tella ends up getting taken by Legend and becomes part of the game this year. Whoever finds Tella first gets one wish! I knew this was all and elaborate plot for Scarlett, but I must admit that as the story progressed and you find out that the grandmother was the one to break Legends heart, I truly thought he was just seeking revenge on her granddaughters. Stephanie did a great job and hiding the true reason for the game. Julian ended up being another surprise to me. Legend’s Brother!!! I would have never thought. Once Scarlett finds out that Julian was apart of the game to begin with, she is upset and thinks that his feelings for her were also a lie. This part kinda pissed me off. Authors do that a lot were they make a character believe that because their partner deceived them (for good reason) that their true feelings for them must also be a lie (urghhh).

Now when you find out at the end that Tella was behind the whole thing and also had sent Legend a letter, I must say I was mind blown. Stephanie had me truly believe that Tella was to immature and wild to come up with something this elaborate. The one who truly wanted to help her sister and rid themselves of their father once and for all. When she jumped out the window and died i literally cried. I truly thought that she had killed herself to save her sister. I wanted to yell at the author through the book! This book had me at the edge of my seat but I also fell in love with the love story unraveling between Julian and Scarlett and was happy to see that Legend wasn’t as bad as they said. One thing I will say is that I knew that Legend was not going to show his true self to any of them. You didn’t get me on that one Stephanie Garber! I would absolutely rate this book 5 huge stars!

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This review will not be as long as Caraval for the simple fact I didn’t love it as much as i did the other. Don’t get me wrong I still really liked the book but I felt it lacked something that Caraval had (can’t say what just a feeling). Now I will say I was in love with the whole Tella and Dante love story. I did kinda of figured out he was legend before it was revealed. There was just something about the way Stephanie kept describing him and some of the little magical things he did that just revealed without revealing his true identity. This book has also made me believe that Tella and Scarlett are the true heirs to Valenda throne, but i know that is something that won’t be revealed until the next book.

I did like that this Caraval was the real deal and not some elaborate trick by Legend. If was also very interesting learning the truth about the girls’ mother. now as for the whole “Fates” thing… “ehhh”. Jacks seemed to just annoy me throughout the entire book. The one thing I did like was the whole trying to save the world from the Fates returning. The fact that they still returned at the end because of Legends sacrifice…. talk about wanting to know what is going to happen now! Sheesh Stephanie Garber throw a girl a bone lol.

I will say that although the story wasn’t as amazing as the first book for me I still enjoyed it immensely. It left me wanting more which is always a good thing in my book. I would rate this book 4.2 stars. These to books are amazing and I would so recommend it to everyone!

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Read On!


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