Back to School… Mom’s Reading List for September!

Hello my fellow readers,

It has been too long since I posted anything and even longer since I updated my reading lists. I have a nice long list of books that I have reviews coming soon for but my first blog back I decided needed to be my BACK TO SCHOOL READING LIST. Been in such a major funk for almost 2 YEARS!!! I don’t think I have ever had such a terribly long reading funk in my 31 years, but I am back baby! For the past couple of weeks I have been going through my Goodreads page trying to play catch up on everything I have read and am trying to read, as well as doing my mommy duties and preparing my baby for 2nd grade (which has totally had me emotional on how fast he is growing up on me). But without further ado here is my list of books that I will be reading this September:

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I thought what a great way to start of back to school month with a classic. I absolutely love the universal monsters and Frankenstein is by far one of my favorite. I haven’t read this in over 10 years so I think its time for me to dust of my copy and open that bad boy up!

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Now these books are by far my all time FAVORITE vampire series EVER!!!! I must admit though I am way behind and haven’t read the last 7 books in this series. I did of course read the crossover Mayfair Witches’ series which were also AMAZING. I though what better way to finish off the series then by reintroducing myself with all of the beautiful characters from the start. Plus I want to write a complete review and can only do it justice by finishing them all off.

And last but not least I really want to read Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl”, “Dark Places”, and “Sharp Objects.” I have heard so much about this author and these books that I thought they would be a great new read for me coming out of this dark funk of mine. I can not wait to crack these bad boys open and let you all know my thoughts on them.


SO….. those are my Back to School reads for this month. I am also taking suggestions on any new YA series that you all think is a must read. Will keep you all updated on my progress and will be posting reviews on each book as I go. Until then….

Peace, Love, and Read On ❤ 



2 thoughts on “Back to School… Mom’s Reading List for September!

  1. The Vampire Chronicles has been on my to-list for years but I can’t bring myself to tuck into it because it’s such a long series! It’s at around 10 books now, which at 200+ pages each is a big commitment. But then again the TV series is coming out next year so it’s probably a good time to catch up before all the non book people release spoilers. hmm, decisions decisions.
    Nice list!

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    1. Its about 17 books but once you start it you go through them so quickly. They are absolutely great books to read and very addicting! You should definitely pick them up. I would say though to not watch the Queen of the Damned movie because it is very different from the book and turns you off from the book. Interview with the Vampire is an amazing book and the movie is almost as good as the book.


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