Wake of Vultures Book Review!

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So recently my fiance and I decided to start reading books to each other, spending some good quality time together. Our first book, which took about 4 days of me reading out loud. was “Wake of Vultures” by Lila Bowen. It took us a few days of researching different titles to find something that seemed interesting to us both. We figured that a good sci-fi book would suit us both. There were too many books to choose from but ultimately Jason chose this one as his top choice.

I must say that I am a bit conflicted on how I felt about this book. Jason rated it a 3.5-4 out of 5, I feel its more of a 3 out of 5. Jason really enjoyed the book (or maybe he just really enjoyed my reading *wink wink*). For me, it is not that I did not enjoy it (I mean its rare that I read something that I truly did not like), but there was some missing opportunities the author had to make this story “more.”

For one thing I was really thrown off with Nettie and the whole gender thing. I get that she did not want to be defined as just a girl. In the era that the story took place there weren’t many options or freedom for women, and Nettie wanted more. So it made sense that she would dress and pretend to be a boy, but her confusion about her sexuality bothered me ALOT. The way it was written made it unrelate-able. At least Sam turning out to be gay made some sense. I mean Bowen made it seem that Nettie’s disguise was so great that she fooled everyone, so when Sam started showing signs that he was into Nettie it made logical sense that he was into boys.

It was extremely unrealistic that every person (well not everyone but at least 99%) believed that Nettie was a boy. Nettie is a 15 year old girl who has already hit puberty (as she already has gotten her monthly). Even if she is the most under developed boyish-shaped girl, there is no way that she will not be spotted as some point in time as a girl. She does not bath, change, or use the bathroom in front of the other cowpokes. Hiding her face under a hat is not going to hide that she is a girl, it is like Superman’s disguise as Clark Kent, UNREALISTIC.

Don’t misunderstand, I did like the book. I really enjoyed Coyote Dan’s story and appearances through-out the book. I liked Bowen’s twist on the supernatural world and how you were only made aware of creatures after killing them. It made great sense because that is the one thing people always wondered in any sci-fi book; how were there always so many supernatural creatures but the world was oblivious to them. I always like the main story of the Mia Pupitsi and how Nettie needed to get revenge for the Injun woman and all the children that the Cannibal Owl has taken. Through this adventure she found her freedom and values.

Overall the book was pretty good. It is not one of my top books but was not the worst one either. Let’s just say it was good enough that we began reading the second book in the series “Conspiracy of Ravens,” which so far is turning out to be okay. There is thing that is driving me crazy but we will save that for it’s review.